Friday, June 6, 2014

Philippines Update

Hey guys, I wanted to update you on my Compassion child, Rhean from the Philippines who was affected by the record-breaking typhoon that struck her country last fall.

As you may recall, I was able to send her a family gift in January after hearing that her home and many of the family's possessions were destroyed in the storm.  In Compassion's program when a sponsor sends a gift to the child or her family, 100% of the money goes straight to the child.  Someone from the Compassion center will then sit down with the family to discuss what to use the money on and then they go shopping for the items.  Although sponsors can suggest things for the family to consider purchasing, it is ultimately up to them what they buy.  I chose not to recommend anything to Rhean's family, instead trusting that God knew what they needed better than I did.

Sweet little Rhean with her gifts (ignore the grumpy face, I assume it comes after a long, boring day of shopping with mom)

This week I got a letter from Rhean letting me know what she was able to purchase with the gift money.  I also got an added surprise in the form of a photo of my darling girl surrounded by what they bought.  Although it's hard to tell from the picture, the accompanying letter says that Rhean's family was able to buy new clothes and shoes for she and her siblings plus rice and other food for the family.  Although I was somewhat expecting the gift to be used on building materials, I am thrilled that this family was able to get things that they truly needed.  It also looks in the picture like they may already have some supplies (bamboo, wiring, etc piled next to Rhean).

The letter also said that Rhean had a check-up recently and was declared healthy.  She also 'graduated' third in her kindergarten class, and says she will keep working hard in school and that she likes it very much.  

In other news, since graduating from college a few weeks ago, I've been busy working and getting ready to venture back to El Salvador in August.  I have also decided to start a new blog to chronicle that particular adventure.  (Don't worry I'll still ramble about my Compassion kids here.)  The new blog is called Adventures in My Heartland, and I would love for you to follow along with me there as well.  


  1. She's a cutie for sure! I wonder if the dress she is wearing is one of the items bought. She doesn't look grumpy to me really, just super tired haha!

    1. Thanks Teresa! Yeah, the dress could be one of the things she bought, hadn't thought of that.

  2. What wonderful news!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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